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iMEGA Making Headway in Kentucky Domain Case

by Poker Team

A recent decision by a Kentucky Court has ordered the seizure of 141 domain names pertaining to online poker and gambling in the state of Kentucky. Judge Thomas Wingate has given the owners of the domains thirty days to comply with the ruling or face further action. There are however, some who feel that this ruling is less than constitutional and will not lie quietly down as Americans right to gamble online is jeopardized. iMEGA, The Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association have taken it upon themselves to start the appeal process to the ruling. iMEGA’s lawyers are already wrapped up in casework involving the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act but feel they have more than enough time and resources to devote to the Kentucky case as well.

A recent statement by IMEGA is as follows:

“We’re very confident today, after reviewing the government’s brief, that we are on track for having this law overturned,” Brennan said. “We’re looking forward to the opportunity, once this fatally flawed law has been dealt with, to work toward a reasonable, common sense approach by our country to Internet gaming, one that above all affirms our rights and their place in the online world.”

iMEGA is also currently in a battle over UGIEA and was just recently dealt a blow on that front. Judge Mary J Cooper dismissed iMEGA’s appeal saying that UGIEA could not be void for vagueness. This is particularly interesting considering the fact that members of the United States Treasury and the Federal Reserve System testified at a congressional hearing stating that the rules of UGIEA would be very difficult to implement and would create no real iron clad laws in any sense. Most payment systems are not designed to work as the law intended and it will be very difficult for most US financial institutions to become compliant.

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