Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies gets Fat

by Jeremy

We all know that most online poker players lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle. This is especially the case with professional players, who spend the majority of their day grinding cash games and poker tournaments on a laptop. But few poker players like to brag about their weight gain in the fashion that Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies does.

Sahamies, who is well known by his PokerStars name “Ilari FIN,” let the poker world know about his rapid weight gain by posting shirtless pictures of himself on Facebook. The pics show a flabby Sahamies with several fat rolls standing in front of the camera. And for those who aren’t friends of Sahamies on Facebook, the Finnish tabloid Seiska also reported on the matter of Ilari’s extra weight.

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As if posting pictures on his Facebook account didn’t already say so, Sahamies isn’t overly-concerned with his weight gain though since he’s been joking around a lot about it. CoinFlip commented on this matter by writing:

Sahamies has been the biggest winner on high stakes PLO both August and September combined and probably couldn’t care less about what tabloids say. “Ilari knows how to make fun of himself. He calls himself ´Fat roe sack´ and is very descriptive about his unhealthy and fattening diet”, someone who remains anonymous squeals to the tabloid.

Of course, it’s probably a lot easier to joke around about your weight gain when you’re on a huge upswing in the high stakes PLO games at PokerStars. In fact, Sahamies led all online poker cash game players in September and August after hauling in $1 million. Furthermore, he also seems to do pretty well with the ladies as indicated by the various rap videos he’s in.

  • Saturnin

    Stress make a man healthy and fatty, because stress and not working make man lazy and useless, it is also very dangerous for everyone, 
    because weight gain in a limit is good but out of limit is very dangerous and bad for health and fitness …