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Identity of Poker Player Isildur1 Possibly Revealed, Viktor Blom

by Poker Team

Since bursting through the door of the online poker world in Autumn of 2009, no single player has captured the attention and headlines as Isildur1. Combining a fearless take no prisoners approach that have led many to speculate about his inevitable demise, the Swedish online poker pro has been involved in the largest poker pots ever seen. His swings are legendary as is his courage, yet the question that still remained unanswered is just who the anonymous player actually was. It is possible that this mystery has finally been unraveled.

Luke Schwartz Says Isildur1 is Viktor Blom

In an interview given to CardPlayer magazine, the always outspoken and highly controversial player, Luke “FullFlush” Schwartz has come right and said that the phenom is none other than 19 year old sensation Viktor Blom. It is unclear whether or not this is actually true nor whether the revelation will do anything to tarnish the mystique and aura surrounding him. After all, part of the buzz generated has been directly tied to speculation as to who he actually is. At different times, it was speculated that Isildur1 was Todd Brunson, Jonas Danielsson or Henrik Larsson. However, in many circles there seemed to be a consistent buzz that it was in fact Blom.

It seems however that this time there may be some truth to the innuendo as it is common knowledge that Blom and Schwartz are friends. Though he appears to have a great deal of respect for Blom, Schwartz believes that his undisciplined tendencies will inevitably lead to ruin, citing the fact that he is not nearly bankrolled enough to be playing at such high stakes.

Until Blom confirms the report, it should not be taken as fact. Some speculated that the statement may be nothing more than an attention grab by the always controversial Schwartz.

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