Howard Lederer back on the High Stakes Scene

by Jeremy

As if people don’t already have enough reasons to hate Howard Lederer, the ex-Full Tilt Poker figurehead was recently spotted playing high stakes poker at Bobby’s Room. Getting into the specifics, he was apparently playing $400/$800 games with Doyle Brunson, Eli Elezra, Huck Seed and a few other poker pros. A TwoPlusTwo poster wrote about this (thread taken down) by typing, “(Howard Lederer) playing 4-800 mixed with Doyle, Eli, David Oppenheim, huck seed and two other gentlemen.”

Obviously this wasn’t popular with the poker community because many Full Tilt players are still awaiting their payment. This is especially the case in America where players have to wait on the US Department of Justice to allow access to the FTP funds.

Seeing as how some players have been severely affected by not having access to thousands/millions of dollars for over 18 months, they won’t be too quick to forget Howard’s involvement.

He took tens of millions from Full Tilt - much of which came from player deposits. Lederer then used this money to purchase expensive properties, fancy sports cars, and take luxurious vacations. All in all, he is believed to have spent over $40 million of players’ money on these things. The US Department of Justice is now seeking to recover a large portion of this money from him.

As guilty as Howard is, it’s understandable why he’s playing high stakes poker again. First off, he has to find some way of generating money since all his Full Tilt revenue has dried up. Second, Lederer mistakenly believes that it’s okay to resume his regular life now that PokerStars has purchased FTP, and a lengthy payment plan is in place for members.