How Will PokerStars Regain the Spotlight?

by Poker Team

For the last several years, PokerStars has ruled the online poker world. They currently, and have for quite some time, been the world’s largest online poker site. At any given time of the day, there are more players playing on PokerStars than any other poker site in the world. As such, often times, they are the headliner in most online poker related news.

However, perched strongly in the number two spot is Full Tilt Poker. Widely known for having a stable of top professional poker talent under contract, and home to the largest cash games anywhere on the virtual felt, Full Tilt Poker has dominated the news ever since the launched their new Rush Poker tables as well as a new cash buy in structure which was set to combat the short stacking strategy.

Not one to take a back seat to anyone, there has been much speculation to how PokerStars will take the limelight back. Initially, players thought that short stacking players would simply migrate over to PokerStars who still allows players to buy in for much shorter than the new Full Tilt 35 times the buy in minimum. This would be an unwelcome situation for PokerStars regulars who believe short stacking takes away the essence of poker away since the short players use a ship or fold method.

In response to the speculation, on, a representative for the world’s largest poker site said

“Table buyin size limits is a topic that PokerStars will be paying close attention to in the coming weeks. Changes are possible. As always, all player input is welcome and appreciated.”

These words seem to indicate that PokerStars is welcome to possibly making the change if it is one that will keep the majority of its customers happy.

Whatever they decide to ultimately do will depend on how the game dynamics may change if and when shortstacking players make the jump. If enough people speak up, PokerStars will surely listen.

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