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Ho and Michelle in Another ‘Amazing’ Run?

by Omar

Over the past couple of years, a growing number of poker pros have found themselves on television for things that have nothing to do with poker tables. They have found their niche seemingly as pseudo celebrities on some of TV’s most popular reality shows. Annie Duke was the first ground-breaker in this regard, first as a contestant on the game show 1 vs. 100 and then as a cast member of the inaugural season of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Up next was the larger than life personality that is Jean-Robert Bellande who made a brief run on the hit show, Survivor. Then, in a globe trotting twist, it was Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho, best friends in real life appearing on The Amazing Race. As rumors abound about who may be the next poker pro-turned reality star, there are rumblings around Hollywood that Ho and Michelle are gearing up for a return to next season’s Amazing Race in an all star season called “Unfinished Business” in which past competitors get their shot at redemption.

The all-female team would be looking to follow in the footsteps of Nat and Kat, two female doctors who became the first all-women team to capture the title in this past season which concluded on Sunday. Ho and Michelle finished in 6th place in their first shot on the show, losing at a task in the Netherlands which was physically quite difficult for them to complete.

In addition to the duo’s return to television, there is speculation that a professional poker player will be appearing on next season’s Survivor as well.

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