High Stakes Poker Player shot by Police

by Jeremy

A high stakes poker game in Chattanooga, Tennessee ended horribly when police shot a man in the midst of a raid. Chattanooga police had been surveying the poker game for a while because they were worried that it could be targeted during a robbery. Some of the information they collected during their recon included that the high stakes game required a $1,000 buy-in, organizers received $10 rake per hand, and several Chattanooga poker pros were involved.

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Once police collected enough evidence, they decided to raid the poker game. Upon entering the building, they discovered 20 players, and five of these men ran out the back door. Police had the back door covered as well, which prompted 32-year-old Clifford Billups to put out a handgun and threaten officers. One of the policeman then shot Billups to prevent him from shooting anybody.

Police Chief Bobby Dodd described the incident by saying, “He had a handgun in his hand, he turned on the officer, threatened the officer, and was shot one time.” Dodd went on to say, “It’s kind of odd for a suspect to pull a weapon and try to escape from something that would probably of been a citation situation.”

One of the players who was involved in the poker game happened to be a doctor, and he treated Billups when he was down. During the treatment, the doctor found another gun on the 32-year-old, which police removed. Fortunately, Chad Billups didn’t die after being shot, and he was taken to the hospital afterward for a non-life threatening injury.

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    I just hope no innocent man was affected by this incident. Poker is really a great game but when odds favor the bad side, I don’t think the game must continue. I hope more gamblers would get caught.

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    It is really a sad story of a poker but poker is a good game if we play it safely on some good legal licensed sites. Online poker is gambling is very interesting.