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High Rollers Return to Full Tilt Poker

by Poker Team

With NBC’s 2009 National Heads Up Poker Championship drawing to a close, Full Tilt Poker enjoyed an influx of their high rollers heading back to their ultra high stakes tables.  Among the players were Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, Ziigmund, Patrik Antonius and Tom “Durrrr” Dwan.

Below is a list of the nights notable winners and losers from $500/$1000 Mixed HA and $500/$1000 Pot Limit Omaha action.

Mixed HA
Gus Hansen +$380K
Patrik Antonius +$200K
Phil Ivey +$135K
durrrr -$250K
Ziigmund -$470K

durrrr +$329K
Phil Ivey +$239K
Ziigmund -$85K
trex313 -$90K
Gus Hansen -$319K

Big Hands

The first featured hand occurred between Phil Ivey and Durrrr.  It was during a $500/$1000 Pot Limit Omaha hand as Ivey held 5s-Qc-7h-4s.  Preflop, from the small blind, Ivey raised to $3,000 and as usual, Durrrr raised to $9,000.  Ivey called and the players saw a flop of 6c-4d-Qh giving Ivey top and bottom pair.  Ivey led out for $14,000 and Durrrr raised to $49,000 and before you could blink, both players were all in and the pot had $401,999.  Durrrr showed Ad-7d-5c-6d for middle pair, an open ended straight draw and backdoor diamond flush draw.

The turn was the of diamonds giving Durrrr two pair that still trailed Ivey’s two pair of Queens and 5’s but also gave him an open ended straight flush draw.  However, the river was the Jack of clubs, a total brick and Ivey scooped the enormous pot.

In the second key hand of the session, it occurred in a 3-way pot between Ziigmund, Durrrr and Gus Hansen in a $500/$1000 Pot Limit Omaha hand. In this hand, Ziigmund held 10c-10s-Qs-2c from the 2nd seat from the Big Blind.  Ziigmund initiated the action, raising to $3,500.  Ivey called and Durrrr called from the small blind.  From the Big Blind, Hansen raised the stakes, raising to $17,500 and all 3 other players called.

The flop was 10h-6s-Ah and Ziigmund had flopped a set of 10’s.  Durrrr checked and Hansen immediately shoved with remaining $49K into the pot.  Ziigmund called and Durrrr came over the top for $241K which had Ziigmund covered by plenty. He called and the cards were flipped over:
Durrrr was holding 6d-6h-7d-3s for bottom set. Hansen held Ac-4d-10d-Jc for top 2 pair.

Neither player had a flush draw and Ziigmund could only lose if an Ace or the case 6 hit on the turn or river. The turn was the 5 of hearts completing no one’s flush and the river was 8 of spades which helped no one also.

Ziigmund’s set of 10’s held off the two other big hands and he took down the pot worth $487,943

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