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Hendon Mob has New Partner

by Jeremy

Anybody who’s looked up live poker tournament results of pro poker players has most likely come across the site HendonMob is the largest database of poker tournament results in the world, and they’ve documented virtually every live poker tourney ever played.

In any case, HendonMob used to have an exclusive relationship with Full Tilt Poker, but this recently fell apart due to Full Tilt’s recent troubles with the US Department of Justice, from which it looks like they’ll never recover. So HendonMob went out and found themselves a new partner in Genting Poker. In fact, you can already find Genting Poker’s ads plastered all over As for Genting, this is the online poker branch of the famous Genting casinos chain, which is found in many big towns throughout the UK.

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This looks to be just another sign of Full Tilt Poker’s fall from grace since their long-time business partners are starting to bail. FTP and HendonMob have been partners for years, which worked out well for both sides; however, it doesn’t look like the deal was working out for HendonMob anymore.

As for the actual Hendon Mob, which the site is named after, the group is comprised of brothers Barney Boatman and Ross Boatman, as well as Ram Vaswani and Joe Beevers. The group of men met years ago at Beevers’ home, and began traveling around to various poker tournaments in Europe together. They are widely credited for boosting the popularity of poker as a whole in Europe.

Now that the four have ended their deal with Full Tilt, it’s also been said that their status as Full Tilt Poker pros is over with too.

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