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Issac Haxton Takes Down Isildur1

by Omar

Last week it was reported that Isaac Haxton would be the first player to square off against phenom Isildur1 in the SuperStar Showdown over at PokerStars. By now, virtually everyone should be aware that the promotion is part of the red carpet treatment being given to the mercurial Swedish poker pro rumored to be Viktor Blum. Spread out over four tables of $25/$50 No limit hold em or Pot Limit Omaha or above, Isildur1 and any opponent willing to sit down with $150,000 will battle it out in a 2500 hand match in which to win, one of the other players must either hold all of the chips in play, or finish with the lead.

On Sunday, Haxton was more than up to the challenge as he squared of on 4 tables of $50/$100 No Limit Hold em, which reportedly is Isildur1’s best game. Despite being down as much as $25,000 early, Haxton was able to exploit his opponent’s seemingly tilted mental state to walk away with a $41,000 victory, mostly through sheer domination over the 2nd half of play.

However, it does not appear that Haxton receives anything additional from PokerStars for his victory, other than the notch under his belt. The highly anticipated and much hyped contest drew dozens to the rail looking for fireworks and that they were, as the two heavyweights traded shot for shot.

The turning point of the match occurred with Isildur1 already up $11,000 and getting Haxton to move in with QJ against his pocket Queens. Despite being dominated, Haxton managed to hit a King high straight on the river for a $20,000 pot, evening the match.

Isildur1 rallied, using a $34K pot to take a $12K lead again with just about half the hands being done. However, slowly but surely, the Swede lost his composure and started bluffing away tons of chips at a time. Haxton waited him out and eventually scored the victory.

Reaction has been mixed but heavy on both sides of the fence as the message boards were bombarded with commentary regarding the match. At the very least, PokerStars has obviously captured the imagination of the sometimes fickle online poker community. Durrrr Challenge anyone?

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