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Have You Met DaBeear?

by Poker Team

If you’re a Pokertube regular, then you are no doubt familiar with the gruff, Scottish phenomenon that is ‘DaBeear’. If you haven’t visited the video sharing community website, then ‘DaBeear’s’ lair is worth delving into.

Around a year ago, a Pokertube user known simply as ‘DaBeear’ began to make a series of analytical, game review sessions of NL Hold’em. Chatty, confident and opinionated, his style of presentation made for compelling viewing. DaBeear has a good balance to his videos – he’s fair and perceptive, but when opponents become abusive and make questionable plays, he’s not afraid to unleash some verbal venom. His videos are unique from the kind of instructional videos you find on Cardrunners and DeucesCracked. Dabeear’s play is generally sound, but far from perfect, which means there’s plenty of scope for debate amongst Pokertube users. Additionally, he’s not afraid to speak his own mind and give little anecdotes on his own experiences.

The PokerTube $1,000 Challenge

Pokertube, recognizing that Dabeear’s videos attracted a large audience, identified him as a promotional and marketing tool. Around eight months ago, he began undertaking a ‘Pokertube $1000 challenge’ in NL Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha, where he was gifted the bankroll by the website, and told to update viewers on his progress. He continued making a series of intriguing videos, documenting his trials and tribulations as he learnt the new game of PLO. His most recent project involves the filming of ‘Pokertube tournaments’, where players who’ve signed up to sites via Pokertube, such as Titan and Everest Poker, participate in special tournaments with added prizepools.

Dabeear’s exploits are testament to what a little bit of innovation and creativity can get you. By starting off with a few video posts, he’s picked up a juicy $2k bankroll, and in becoming an integral part of the website, made headway into the world of poker media and journalism.

You can get under the skin of Dabeear at . By typing his name into the search bar, you can scroll through all his past videos. Here’s just a taster of his commentary. Don’t be put off by the odd explicative though – Dabeear’s commentary is sometimes not for the faint hearted!

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