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Hastings and Blom Resume Grudge Match on PokerStars

by Omar

It took an old nemesis to put a halt to the Isildur1 express. Since jumping ship from being the most talked about player on Full Tilt Poker to become a PokerStars sponsored pro, the phenom, whose real name is Viktor Blom has been drawing railbirds in droves to catch a glimpse of his maniacal ways.

Over the past week, Blom had been destroying everyone in his path, posting over $600K in profits to erase an early PokerStars deficit. So his confidence level must have been through the roof when he sat down to play a session of $25/$50 Pot-Limit Omaha against his arch-nemesis Brian “Stinger88” Hastings. As you may recall, in Autumn 2009, Hastings obliterated Blom’s poker bankroll on Full Tilt Poker, taking $4million from him in a single session. That event had a ripple effect on the high stakes poker community when revelations surfaced that Hastings had shared hand histories with fellow pros Brian Townsend and Cole South. Following the announcement, Full Tilt Poker handed Townsend a one month suspension for violating the site’s terms and Blom’s historical run on the site came to a screeching halt.

This time around, the two locked up for more than 1,000 hands with Hastings frustrating Blom for an $80K win. Towards the end of the bout, Blom, clearly frustrated and tilting began to make some references to the hand history sharing in the chat box:

“Isildur1: why would you quit this game?”
“Stinger88: maybe i wont”
“Isildur1: cole south not gonna take over?”
“Stinger88: lol”
“Isildur1: or u just trying to tilt me as usual?”

After wrapping up, Blom promptly failed to cash in 6 - $5000 Sit and Go’s, giving him over $110K in losses on the night. Luckily, because of his recent upswing, he remains over $100K in the green since joining Stars. This likely won’t be the last we see of this epic grudge match.

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