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Hansen vs. Jorgensen Boxing Match Results

by Poker Team

As we previously reported, as part of the launching of his newest business endeavor, Gus Hansen challenged fellow countryman Theo Jorgensen to a boxing match which would coincide with the launch of Hansen’s new internet portal Gus TV.

The match took place last Saturday, February 21st in Copenhagen and featured a World Poker Tour Champion squaring off against a World Series of Poker bracelet holder.  To follow up that news, we bring you the results of the match which took center stage on Saturday afternoon at 2PM Eastern Time.  Ringside observers report that Jorgensen wore black shorts with white strips and black headgear while Hansen donned black trunks with blue headgear.  The event took place at the same site of the European Poker Tour’s Scandinavian Open which concluded the night the fight took place.

Jorgensen Wins by Decision

After the battle went the distance it was up to the judges to decide the winner and Jorgensen won by decision.  The decision was a decided low to Hansen’s ego as he appeared to have trained himself into a chiseled physique for the fight.

There was plenty riding on the match including bragging rights as Hansen placed a handicap on himself in the match as Jorgensen’s win earned him $35,000. If Hansen had prevailed, he would have walked away with $25,000.  However after the three exhibition rounds were completed, Hansen was defeated though he did not seem to be at all injured.  In addition to the crowd of poker aficionados, there  were many news outlets and photographers on hand for the fight.  In this regard, Hansen’s move was a success as he generated interest in  So even in defeat, Hansen was a clear winner.

However, the fight caused a break between Hansen’s heads-up match against Durrrr over on Full Tilt Poker’s million dollar challenge.  Now that the boxing theatrics are over, Hansen plans on doing what he does best, taking challengers to the virtual felt.

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