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Hansen Again Crushes PLO on Full Tilt

by Poker Team

Gus Hansen continued his winning ways yesterday during a monstrous run during a $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha game at Full Tilt Poker. In the session, Hansen had 3 key hands on his way to winning over $650,000. In contrast Tom “Durrr” Dwan took a beating in the same game, down about $1.2 million. Here are the 3 hands that propelled Hansen to his big day.

Hand #1 had Hansen holding Kd-6d-2h-Ah from under the gun. He raised to $1,400 and Durrr and a player named tsarrast both call. The flop was Js-4c-Kh. Tsarrat led out for $3,400 and both Durrr and Hansen called. The turn was the 2d and this time, Hansen took the initiative, betting $14,400. Tsarrat folded and Durrr again made the call. The river brought the 6s and Hansen again bet, this time, $31,600. Durrr made the call and mucked his hand as Hansen’s 2 pair of Kings and sixes were good. The pot was for a hefty $106,397, not a bad score for a weak two pair.

The 2nd hand had Hansen holding 2s-Ks-5d-5c in the big blind. Urindanger raised to $1,200 and the button, a player named Sunra18 called as did Hansen. The flop was 3h-10s-5s, giving Hansen middle set with a redraw to a King high spade flush. All of the money was destined to go in on this flop. Hansen led out for $3,200 and Urindanger quickly folded. Sunra18 came over the top for $12,800 and Hansen came back for $42,200. Not surprisingly, Sunra pushed all in for $98,151 and made the call. He was holding QQ plus the nut spade flush draw. With the turn, being 8d, and river 6h, Hansen dodged all the bullets and took down $174,599.

In the 3rd hand, Hansen held 7c-3s-Jc-Qs on the button. Urindanger raised from the cutoff to $1,200 and Hansen called from the button. However, David Benefield made a big re-raise to $5,200 and Urindanger folds. In position, Hansen called with his weak holding taking advantage of his position. The flop was10c-9d-2d. Benefield led out by firing $8,200 into the pot and Hansen made the call. The turn card was the 8c and this time Benefield checked and Hansen took the initiative and bet $24,400. It turns out, Hansen fell for Benefield’s trap as he check-raised all in for $94,498. Holding the nut straight with a club flush redraw, Hansen called and the river 6c completed his flush. As it turned out, Benefield was hold Kh-Kd-Qd-Jd, for the nut straight and a diamond flush redraw. Rather than chop or lose, Hansen scooped the bloated $217,793 pot, capping a stellar performance.

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