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Gus Hanson Accuses Opponents of Cheating

by Poker Team

In a shocking accusation, Gus Hansen openly accused Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond and Urindanger of colluding against him during a recent session of $500/$1000 PLO over on Full Tilt Poker. As Hansen was firing the accusations, Phil Ivey, also seated at the table seemed to be attempting to diffuse the tense situation with humor. Below is the actual transcript of the war of words:

Gus Hansen: too suspicious for me
Gus Hansen: nice play guys
Gus Hansen: and somehow they both were quiet
Phil Ivey: definitely collusion lol
Urindanger: you’re an idiot
Gus Hansen: If you think the QQ88 is a good play there you wouldnt have any money
Gus Hansen: thats why it is strange
Gus Hansen: but hey whatever I just have to quit
Phil Ivey: nooo
Phil Ivey: i will transfer u the 85k u jus lost
Phil Ivey: call it a gift

Hansen Thought the Players were “Squeezing” Him

Basically, Hansen believed the two players were “squeezing” him, a term used when a player gets caught in the middle of two players who are raising each other. Basically, how it works is that through a series of relatively smallish raises, the player caught in between feels somewhat committed and gets trapped into playing a hand, most often with a marginal hand. In this hand, Hansen was holding 7h-Jd-8d-9s while Galfond had As-Ks-7c-Ac and Urindanger had 8s-Qd-Qs-8c. Hansen grew suspicious when he saw Urindanger’s cards arguing that making the play with Queens and 8’s was a reckless move and didn’t make sense given the rest of the preflop action.

Ivey countered by saying:

Phil Ivey: lets jus all go all in blind nex hand
Phil Ivey: i promise it will make everyone feel better

His words fell on deaf ears as the Danish Hansen could not be convinced the two players were working against him.

Ultimately however, one could say he shouldn’t have been involved in the hand in the first place. Perhaps his recent losing streak added to his angst, but whatever the case, it should be interesting to observe whether the bad blood continues in future sessions.

  • http://FIREFOX Ruth J. Romay

    IF Hansen believed the two players were “squeezing” him, THEY WERE
    He is not a person that needs to make accusations, his record speaks for it self. Hansen is one of the most watched and liked player, on TV. He is certainly astute enough to know what is going on at the poker table and who is perpetuating any smart as moves

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