Gus Hansen’s Poker Career not Over - But Live Appearances may be

by Jeremy Olson on October 23, 2014

Just the other day, we reported that Full Tilt dropped Gus Hansen and Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom as sponsored players. The move wasn’t a total surprise, given both of their struggles on the virtual felt. But could one grim byproduct of this be a huge downgrade in Hansen’s poker appearances?

Gus is a guy who built his career in the live realm, both with televised cash game appearances and big live tournament wins. In fact, he was the first guy to win three WPT titles - a feat that he accomplished within less than a year. Aside from his accomplishments, the Great Dane is just an entertaining guy who’s good for poker. Unfortunately, poker hasn’t been good to Hansen in recent times.

His online poker losses have surpassed $20 million, which is a Guy Lailberte-like feat. Moreover, Hansen doesn’t really play live tournaments any more either. His last live cash was a 71st place effort in EPT Vienna (€12,600) back in March.

Given that Hansen no longer has major sponsorship money coming in every month, we don’t expect to see much more of him in the public poker arena. He probably won’t be playing much internet poker either, at least at the stakes that he’s accustomed to.

This doesn’t mean that his poker career is over, though. He’s still pretty good at live cash games and can make money here. So there may be the occasional Gus Hansen news once in a while. But sadly, the days of Gus being featured along with poker’s richest and brightest seem to have ended along with his Full Tilt sponsorship.