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Gus Hansen’s Poker Struggles Continue

by Poker Team

Up until April of 2008, Gus Hansen was having a nice little poker career. He had nearly $7 million in career tournament earnings, 3 World Poker Tour titles along with a 2nd place WPT finish, and an Aussie Millions title. As if this isn’t enough, he was also one of the most marketable players as the Great Dane’s face was plastered on every poker TV show. But what the public didn’t know was that there was a problem brewing all along……Gus was getting waxed in online poker cash games.

Since February of 2007 – before Hansen started throwing all of his money away – he has lost over $7.7 million. And Hansen’s cash game struggles have been well documented over the past year, but they recently hit an all-time low as he’s dropped $1.5 million over the past few weeks. Most of his losses have come in high stakes Pot-Limit Omaha while he hasn’t exactly been a smashing success in high stakes Hold’em either.

And some poker players have done nothing short of kicking Gus Hansen while he’s down. Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond has been one of the worst as he made some thinly-veiled taunts at Hansen during online games, and also made comments about how Gus is the reason why the biggest online games exist.

Of course, even Galfond admits that many of Hansen’s problems can be attributed to the fact that he is playing with people better than him. After all, not many players can compete with Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Hac Dang, and Patrik Antonius. Even still, you wonder why Hansen clicks a seat at these tables knowing who is sitting at them.

Towards the end of 2009, a year where Hansen lost millions, he pondered retiring from the game of poker. This would have been a smart move too considering his successful business ventures. Unfortunately, Hansen made the decision to keep playing and it keeps costing him.

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