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Gus Hansen Up $3.2 Million at Full Tilt

by Poker Team

Gus Hansen is renowned as one of the top poker players in the world. Though known for his aggressive tournament play, he has been winning big at Full Tilt Poker with regularity. So far in the month of October 2008, Hansen has won over $3.2 million. With a few days remaining, the $4 million plateau is within reach. On Monday night he displayed his dominance of several poker forms winning over $589,000 at hold em, $145,000 in PLO, $152K in Omaha Hi/LO, and $97,000 in HORSE. The single day total was just over $1 million.

Here are two of the no limit hands that made him a big winner this weekend:

Hand #1: $500/$1000 no limit hold em. In a 6-handed game, Hansen is dealt pocket 6’s. He raises to $3,500 and the small blind, someone named LA Key U makes the call. The flop comes 9d-6c-4c. The small blind checks and Hansen bets out $5,000. The small blind check raises to $23,000 and Hansen makes the call. The turn card was the 4d giving Hansen the full house. He was likely trying to think about how to extract the rest of his opponent’s stack but as it turned out, he didn’t need to as LA Key U led out with a $69K bet leaving him with just $9000 more. Hansen put him all in and his opponent showed 9c-10c for top pair and a flush draw. He wasn’t drawing dead however, needing a 9 but it did not fall on the river and Hansen scooped the pot of $204,991.

Hand 2: The next big pot he was involved with was with Tom “Durrr” Dwan. This hand was a classic coin flip situation. From the Big Blind with pocket 10’s, Hansen re-raised Durrr’s early position $3,000 raise to $11,000. The ultra aggressive Durrr’s reraised all-in and Hansen, with $100,000 left made the call. The board would not help Durrr’s big slick and Hansen wins a coinflip with a pair of tens for a $228,245 win.

Gus Hansen’s total profit this month is now over +$3,2 million and there are still a couple of days left so hopefully he will make an attempt to reach a $4 million profit. We’re then set for yet another record this month.

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