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Gus Hansen Takes Down Largest Pot at Full Tilt

by Poker Team

Gus Hansen is no stranger to the high stakes cash games on Full Tilt Poker as this is primarily where he makes his money online and where you could say he makes his living. But yesterday, Hansen managed to win his largest online poker pot ever, just under $540,000 in a 3-way hand where all the incredible action occurred before the flop!  The action was hot and heavy on Full Tilt, but Hansen’s hand is the biggest and the one creating the most buzz today.

Details of the Hand

In this particular newsworthy hand, Hansen was dealt Ac-Ah-4d-6c so just seeing those Aces lets one know that he won’t be folding before the flop.  Hansen was in the Big Blind.  TRex313 raised to $3000 and was called by Patrik Antonius.  Then, from the Small Blind, Durrr, who has lost about $3 million in the last week, raised to $13,000.  Hansen must have been licking his chops watching this action before him.  He decides to come over the top again for $32,000. Trex313 was next to act and he was the initial raiser.  In a very strange play with 2 hyper-aggressive players left to act behind him in Antonius and Durrr which would indicate that Trex would almost certainly have to invest more money if he wanted to see a flop.  Antonius folded and Durrr as expected raised again, moving all in for $67,998.  Hansen, likely looking to isolate raised again to over $190,000 leaving himself with only $51,000 left.  It was back to Trex and inexplicably, he only calls, leaving himself with $98,000 and the pot sitting over $400,000.  So even if the flop cards were somehow blank, he was absolutely pot-committed to this hand.

So the flop fell and it was 6s-10h-6d.  Hansen had flopped 3 of a kind with the 6 he held in his hand. Hansen quickly shipped his remaining $51,000 in chips in and trex called.  When he called, he showed a very weak hand, 8d-5d-10c-7c.  So he called off 2/3 of his entire stack off preflop with this weak holding and then committed the majority of the rest when he hit his 10 with no kicker.  If he was hoping for running straight cards, the problem was that a 4 would give Hansen a full house and he held some of his own outs.  As for Durrr, he held a good hand, Kc-Kd-9h-8c.  He could still hit a 7 or a King to win the pot.  The turn card completed the rainbow board with the Jack of clubs so no one would be bailed out by a backdoor flush.

The river was the Jack of spades and Hansen took down the pot worth $537,750.

Gus Hansen, Durrr, Antonius, and TRex all play online at Full Tilt Poker. Download Full Tilt

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