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Gus Hansen Posts $2 Million Win in 24 Hours

by Poker Team

Gus Hansen has had things rough as of late.  Over the past 2 months, the great Dane and Full Tilt Poker pro was reportedly in the red for just about $2 million.  For just about anyone in the world, something like this would be nothing less than a total catastrophe.  For Hansen and other well-heeled professional poker players, these types of swings are a type of occupational hazard, something they obviously do not enjoy, but something which goes with the territory.

Hansen responded to his recent adversity by all but erasing the enormous deficit and posting $1.9 million in profits playing Pot Limit Omaha.  Oh yes, it should be noted that he did this during a 24 hour stretch.  A single day is what changed his misfortune and erased the bad taste of 2 months of losing at an alarming rate.  Onlookers must have been watching in amazement as he raked in enormous pot after enormous pot and found himself sitting at table with a half million at a time during hot streaks.  His accomplishment is one of the more impressive the online community has been treated to in quite some time and rivals anyone else’s single day total ever.

In doing so, Hansen squared off and got the better of the likes of Urindanger, a common adversary and Tom “Durrrr” Dwan.  On the flip side, Dwan had a very bad day, with $1.1 million in losses, while Urindanger lost $833 thousand.

Among the notable hands Hansen won include the following:
• Having a flopped 2 pair hold up against Urindanger’s nut flush draw for a $130,000 pot.
• Rivering the same player with a straight for a $125,000 pot.
• Taking down a $201,000 pot from Durrrr when both players shoved all in preflop when his Aces held up against Kings.

However, the largest pot he won came against the aforementioned Durrrr.  In the small blind of a $500/$1000 PLO hand, Hansen was dealt Ah-Qh-7c-4d.  Hansen raised to $3,000 and Durrrr called. The flop was Kh-Js-3c.  Durrrr led out for $4,800 and Hansen called with his gutshot to the nuts.

The turn card was an absolute beauty for Hansen as the 10 of spades hit giving Hansen the nut Broadway straight.  Durrrr bet $12,200 and again, rather than raise, Hansen smooth called.

The river was a total brick, the 9 of clubs and Hansen still held the nuts as the board was not paired and there were no flushes possible.  Durrrr took a big shot at trying to get Hansen to fold as checked, Hansen bet $31,000 and Durrrr check-raised all in for $100K more, but Hansen couldn’t call quickly enough to snap off the bluff and he took down the pot worth $221,950.

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