Gus Hansen done with High Stakes Poker

by Jeremy Olson on April 25, 2016

Gus Hansen’s online poker losses became the stuff of legend as he proceeded to drop almost $21 million in high stakes games. Since then, the 42-year-old has largely been doing other things with his life. So why are we discussing Hansen today?

He recently appeared on Good Morning Denmark to talk about his future plans, which apparently don’t involve ever playing high stakes poker again. Hansen was on the show help a Red Cross campaign, and he donated one of his old Full Tilt shirts as part of the drive. This is symbolic because he also said that he wants to move back to Denmark, possibly raise a family in his native country and focus on non-poker pursuits.

Hansen has lived in Monaco for most of his professional poker career because they don’t have income tax. Given that he also made a killing off his Full Tilt sponsorship and other online poker business dealings, Monaco was the perfect place. However, now that he’s largely given up poker, it makes sense why he’d like to move back home.

After a successful live tournament career that saw him become the first 3-time WPT champion and earn almost $10.3 million, Hansen began playing online poker against some of the world’s best. This was a rocky road right from the beginning as he continually spewed hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions, to superior players.

To Hansen’s credit, he never gave up and even had a stretch in early 2011 when he won several million dollars before Black Friday. However, when Full Tilt reopened in late 2012, Hansen resumed his losing ways and eventually racked up a record amount of poker losses

Thankfully, he made a lot more money through various business dealings and has decided to quit blowing his money on playing against top online poker competition.