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Gus Hansen responds to Jungleman12 Challenge

by Jeremy

Last week, we reported on how Dan “Jungleman12″ Cates issued a challenge to the world that would involve him taking on anybody willing to put up a €100,000 buy-in. Cates really got into the challenge after saying, “As someone who loves the game, I think the poker world deserves to know who the best poker player on the planet is. I’m confident that it’s me.”

Apparently Gus Hansen didn’t appreciate the challenge, and thinks that Cates is undeservingly trying to crown himself as poker’s champion. He wrote about it on his blog at with the following:

In Prague we also have yet another self-proclaimed World Champion in Poker in Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates who challenges the World. I guess he joins the likes of Fullflush, Durrrr, Isildur1 and whatever they are called to claim a crown of unparalleled accomplishments – at least in their own mind! More on that subject later :) Gus

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In a later blog post, Hansen continued talking about how ridiculous the Dan Cates challenge is. He wrote the following in the later post:

As far as Jungleman’s challenge goes – I doubt there will be any takers in Prague? But just because nobody is going to travel around the world to meet him in a NL Hold’ Em freeze out, it does not necessarily make him ‘The King’. Just like you could argue that Lebron James should hold off with ‘The Chosen One’ or ‘King James’ till he doesn’t choke anymore and actually wins something!
I for one am not gonna play against Jungleman in his speciality game, kind’ a like he hasn’t played me in PLO for 6 months straight and would have no chance (in my humble opinion) if we played any other poker game :) Gus

We’ll have to see whether or not Hansen’s words come true when the Prague Poker Festival rolls around in December.

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