Groupe Bernard Tapie Survey regarding Full Tilt

by Jeremy Olson on October 25, 2011

For the past few weeks, we’ve been hearing about Groupe Bernard Tapie, and their interest in buying Full Tilt Poker. Of course, the deal isn’t likely to be completed soon because FTP is still dealing with the US government, and the need to issue at least $440 million in unpaid player deposits.

In any case, a recent story has surfaced about Groupe Bernard Tapie doing phone surveys over the status of FTP. The news was broke on the TwoPlusTwo forums when somebody claiming to be an editor for Poker-Red, Spain’s biggest online poker site, said that Groupe Bernard Tapie called their company to ask some questions. The poster wrote:

Hello. I’m an editor empoyed for Poker-Red, the biggest Spanish online poker community and news website.

Yesterday, one of our workers received a phone call from a French magazine, LivePoker, to answer a “survey” while he was at work. The subject of this “survey” was FTP. He has some serious money stuck in FTP.

The French magazine want to know some general data about what he did after FTP was closed and presented him some options to choose regarding cashouts “as there is rumours about FTP reopening soon”

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The Poker-Red editor went on to describe an article that their site wrote about other instances of this Full Tilt Poker survey that was supposedly conducted by LivePoker (or Groupe Bernard Tapie). The poster quoted the article by writing:

French magazine LivePoker is running a “weird” telephone survey for Full Tilt Poker players who have mid-to substantial amounts of money stuck in the room.

One of the members of our poker community (Poker-Red, in Spain), a high stakes player, received a phone call yesterday at noon and shared the news with us right away.

Shortly after, through the Full Tilt Poker discussion thread in Poker-Red forums, some other players informed that they had been reached out too.

These are some of questions run by the survey taker at the beginning of the conversation:

What poker room are you playing right now in?
How much money do you have stuck in FTP?
Would you play in FTP again?
What were your usual cashout-deposit habits?

The post goes on for a while, but as you can see, there is definitely some strange activity happening with regards to FTP. Assuming the rumors are true and Bernard Tapie’s company is polling people about Full Tilt, it can only be construed that they’re carefully considering whether or not to purchase the site.