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Greg Mueller stops Robbery

by Jeremy

Former pro hockey player/current poker pro Greg Mueller is riding pretty high right now for two reasons: A) he currently leads the Epic Poker League Pro/Am tournament, and B) he stopped someone from trying to steal his casino chips while at an Aria craps table.

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As for the thwarted robbery attempt, Mueller discussed the matter with sideline reporter Lizzy Harrison. After talking poker strategy for a while, he described how a suspicious man kept lingering around the craps table where he was playing at later in the night. Mueller’s friend noticed the man, and kept an eye on him as Mueller boisterously played craps.

Eventually, the friend saw Mueller’s chip stack move and suspected that the guy stole a $5,000 chip. After counting the chips, Mueller realized that he was missing one, and they took off after the perpetrator. Mueller’s buddy got a hold of the thief a couple of different times and wrestled him to the ground. Mueller then reasoned with the man to give him the chip and no legal problems would ensure. But after the man gave Mueller the chip, the Aria security guards showed up and took the man away anyways.

Aside from Mueller telling what happened, described the incident in full by writing:

Greg Mueller ended Day 1b of the Epic Poker League Pro/Am Saturday night as the overall chip leader. Shooting craps with friends at Aria, someone swiped a $5,000-chip from his stack at the rail. A friend didn’t see the theft but “saw my flags vibrate.” Another friend thought the character looked suspicious and, when the person walked away and began sprinting from the craps pit, Greg and his buddy gave chase.

Greg describes, in the first part of this video, his satellite tournament strategy with the chip lead. In the second part of the video, he explains his strategy for dealing with thieves. Greg and his buddy Kyle gave chase, tore his shirt off, tackled him: “Ship the flag!”

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