WSOP Main Event Champ Greg Merson mad at Aria

by Jeremy Olson

Since winning the 2012 WSOP Main Event along with $8,531,853, Greg Merson has been honing his live cash game skills, playing everywhere from Vegas to Macau. But even having the prestige of a Main Event champ doesn’t get you into every cash game. Merson found this out the hard way at the Aria lately and tweeted about it with the following:

@Gregy20723: Scum of all high stakes action in Vegas @ARIAPoker , you will never get action from me in your poker room again

@Gregy20723: Well done @BrokeLivingJRB must be nice to suck rich dick for a living since you could never beat a straight up game higher than 2/5

Although Merson’s tweets may be a bit cryptic, it’s obvious that he’s talking about John-Robert Bellande. And as people at TwoPlusTwo have alluded to, Bellande has control over one of the high stakes games. It’s likely that he told Merson to leave the game so a fish could sit down. Here are a couple of 2p2 posts about it:

KobeLDO - JRB did one of three things. 1. Promised him a seat then reneged. 2. Got him in the game then made him leave for a fish to sit. 3. Refused to even try to get him in. I personally know a big time pro (top 5 in terms of fame) who JRB did #2 to.

CCuster911 - That said, JRB should be forced to write down the names of all players that are going to be playing, and anybody not on the list cant play. That means if some big drunk whale comes up with 1 mil in chips and wants to play, they cant let him in because he wasnt on the list. Private should mean among friends/etc. Not among whoever JRB thinks he can beat.

tarheelbluez - It’s all politics in the highstakes games that the fish are regulars in. I do not blame Merson for being pissed. For the last week or so he had been asking thru twitter about the game and I guess after a lot of lame excuses he spoke his mind….

Despite Merson’s tweets and the discussion he’s started on TwoPlusTwo, it’s unlikely that this will affect the games. After all, guys like Bellande would rather deal with heat over kicking pros out over turning rich fish away.