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Grant Hinkle wins first WSOP Bracelet

by Poker Team

One of the largest tournaments in all of WSOP history is over as Grant Hinkle won his first ever Bracelet in the WSOP $1,500 No Limit Hold’em tournament.  This was event #2 in this year’s WSOP. The low buy-in attracted a record number of participants, 3,929 to be exact.  This was the largest field of poker players EVER outside of the main events, the fourth largest poker tournament of all time. 

Grant Hinkle faced a number of opponents on the final table, but none as intimidating as Full Tilt poker pro Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, who ended up placing 3rd in the event.  As players were eliminated, the final heads up match was between Hinkle and James Akenhead.

WSOP NL Hold’em Event #2 Final Hand

Grant Hinkle raised to 350,000, Akenhead re-raised to 1,200,000, and Hinkle went “all-in”. Akenhead called as his cards showed Ac Kh.  Hinkle showed a 10d 4d.

Flop: 10h 10h 4s

At this point, Hinkle had a Full House

Turn: 10c

This gave Grant Hinkle “quad tens”, or four 10’s and he won the tournament. He took home $831,462 and Akenhead earned $520,219 for his second place finish. The entire tournament lasted nearly 40 hours as Hinkle used his “adrenaline rush” to get through the long arduous tournament.  It definitely paid off for him though.

Hinkle, a member of Team Bodog, is a 27 years old family man from Kansas City, Missouri working in the marketing industry. Despite his 6 figure win here at Event #2, Hinkle is unsure whether he will pursue poker as a career.

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