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PokerStars Sunday Million Results 6/29/08

by Poker Team

Sunday Million - GoMukYaSelf

PokerStars player “GoMukYaSelf” prevailed in this week’s PokerStars Sunday Million tournament to be a field of over 6,500 players as players continue to take to the online tables even with all the action at the WSOP. After nearly 10 hours of play, GoMukYaSelf outwitted and out-played the remainder of the pack and earned $135,334 for the first place finish.


Final Table at the PokerStars Sunday Million - 6/29/08

Here is what the final table looked like last night, courtesy of the PokerStars blog:


Going into the final table, KtheKing had the chip lead but that was soon diminished as jalla79 went all-in against KtheKing and ended up taking the pot with pocket fives and a flop with a 5 showing, giving jalla79 a set of 5′s and the win. GoMukYaSelf was just around the corner and started taking a number of pots. GoMukYaSelf was in the chip lead after winning a large pot from aaaaaaa and knocking out KtheKing.

Final Hand at the Sunday Million - 6/29/08

After a number of eliminations the final heads up match was between GoMukYaSelf and supadphat but GoMukYaSelf had a commanding chip lead. It took all but one hand before all the chips were in the pot as supadphat went all-in to try to salvage the win.

supadphat: 5c-5s

GoMukYaSelf: 7h-7c

The board: Kh-4h-10d-8c-6c

Prior to the turn, GoMukYaSelf typed, “lets end it now plz” in the chat box. GoMukYaSelf got what they wanted as the board was friendly and gave GoMukYaSelf the win with just pocket 7′s.

Final Results at PokerStars Sunday Million - 6/29/08

1st Place – GoMukYaSelf - $135,334.75
2nd Place – supadphat - $105,334.75
3rd Place – jalla79 - $105,334.75
4th Place – central106 - $60,645.30
5th Place – PokerED - $47,603.30
6th Place – aaaaaaa - $34,561.00
7th Place – KtheKing – $23,475.60
8th Place – Patrolman35 – $15,650.40
9th Place – “Dumping”KGB - $10,172.76

About GoMukYaSelf

Born on October 23rd, GoMukYaSelf is a college student currently enrolled at Ohio State University majoring in Marketing and Psychology. This win gives GoMukYaSelf approximately $180,000+ in lifetime earnings playing at PokerStars online poker tournaments. GoMukYaSelf’s last 1st place finish was at the Nightly Hundred Grand back in November of 2007. Keep an eye out for GoMukYaSelf at the PokerStars tables! offers the maximum PokerStars bonus on our PokerStars bonus code page.

  • Renee

    Hey - thanks for the update on the PokerStars. way to go GoMukYaSelf with your winnings, excellent show!

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