Global Poker League kicks off: Dreyfus says “Room for Improvements”

by Jeremy Olson on April 7, 2016

The Global Poker League (GPL) kicked off last night to some degree of success. Many viewers tuned in to see the matches, including an exciting 6-max game where Dzmitry Urbanovich’s aces held up against Dan Cate’s A-K combo. You can see a recap of all the exciting matches in the video below.

Of course, as is to be expect from a brand-new league, there were some criticisms of the GPL’s inaugural night. One person wrote on Alex Dreyfus’ Twitter page that the players should have webcams with audio during matches, to which Dreyfus agreed.

Other complaints included problems with the live-stream viewing, difficulty hearing the announcers, and people who thought that the heads-up matches would be live, rather than streaming online-poker sessions. Regarding the latter, it’s understandable that GPL doesn’t have players meet live, given the current low salaries for players and travel/time costs associated with doing so.

Dreyfus admits that this is a work in progress that will get better as we go. He tweeted, “OK - The first day of @GPL is over. A lot of room for improvements. A lot of ideas that we have will be launched in the next few weeks.”

Overall, the GPL has a different feel than poker’s last attempt at a league - the failed Epic Poker League (EPL). What Dreyfus is doing (live streaming online matches) doesn’t seem like as ridiculous an undertaking as what the EPL tried (live format, $1 million freeroll). Furthermore, it seems that Dreyfus did a much better job of preparing the GPL and promoting it through social media, making me think that it stands a solid chance of long-term success.