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Gladiator Promotion at Party Poker

by Poker Team

PartyPoker customers need to get ready to engage in some serious battle throughout the month of November. This is because the popular online poker site is launching a new promotion called the Gladiator promotion which runs from November 1st through the 30th. At its core, participation is rather simple as players earn rewards based on the amount of PartyPoints they earn per day.

The actual prizes are wide ranging from an entry to a $5,000 freeroll tournament (10 points per day for 5 days) all the way to an entry into the 2010 Aussie Millions $10,000 main event (1,000 points per day for 30 days). In addition, other exciting prizes include $10,000 freeroll invitations as well as $3,000 cash prizes. Overall, players do not need to accumulate points each day in the month to qualify as there also exists prizes for how many days players accrue tiered points.

This new promotion will be running beginning right after the end of the ongoing Million Dollar Hand promotion which has so far been a huge hit. This promotion’s prizes range from $3 up to $1 million based on hand combinations they are awarded for a set number of PartyPoints. As of today, the following prizes have been awarded for the Gladiator Promo:

• 65,652 pairs
• 7,446 two pairs
• 3,328 three of a kinds
• 625 straights, 398 flushes
• 240 full houses
• 34 four of a kinds
• 4 straight flushes

This promotion will run until the end of October at Party Poker.

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