Gjergj Sinishtaj discusses winning $200k in Online Poker by Age 14

by Jeremy Olson on April 30, 2014

online-poker-starMost adults would be thrilled to win $200,000 playing online poker. So words don’t even begin to describe how amazing it is that Gjergj Sinishtaj was able to win over $200k by the time he was 14 years old - a point where middle schoolers are lucky to get minimum wage working at a pizza joint.

The Sterling Heights, Michigan native recently discussed his incredible rise in the poker world with PokerListings. Here’s one excerpt from the interview, where Gjergj (Albanian for “George”) talks about his online poker beginnings:

When I first started playing for real money at the age of 12 I would play on a couple of my family members’ poker accounts. I quickly got irritated with constantly grinding out $20 and $30 wins at the smallest stakes possible and me not being able to build my own bankroll in the process.

I took the matter into my own hands. I remember going to Walgreens and buying a reloadable Green Dot credit card and putting $250 on it. I ended up making an account at Absolute Poker in my sisters name and depositing the funds.

With a strict bankroll management system in place, I was excited to hit the tables. I built that $250 deposit into $15,000 within a few months. At this time, I realized how much money I was missing out on playing around the clock with no rakeback. I ended up expanding to two other sites, Bodog and Cake Poker and built my poker bankroll to $200,000 within a year.

Eventually, Sinishtaj went on to amass a $1 million bankroll by the time that he was a teenager. Interestingly enough, he says that his parents never really knew that he was winning and losing tens of thousands of dollars on a daily basis.

Now, we know that this story isn’t exactly going to help against the argument that Sheldon Adelson is currently trying to push, where he claims that online gaming allows kids to use their parents’ credit cards to play for big money. However, the fact that Sinishtaj earned over $1m by his high school days is incredible nonetheless.