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Girah Signs with Lock Poker AKA Jose Macedo

by Omar

Girah Signs with Lock Poker

Since early on in 2011, rumors of the existence of a highly successful, mysterious unknown poker player from Portugal led to several high volume threads to be created on online poker forum,  Initially, it began when a poster started a thread in which he was seeking for any information of the identity or contact information on an 18-year old phenom who had been destroying online poker sites across Europe.
Within hours, the original post had already taken on a life of its own and within a week, there were a couple hundred replies to the original poster’s query. Some were unsubstantiated rumors while others seemed to have some merit.  A couple of weeks later, a second post appeared, started by a regular named “Girah.”  In a remarkably lengthy and well-written post, “Girah” announced to the poker world who he was and where he came from.  His name was Jose Macedo and he was indeed the 18-year old poker phenom that the first poster had been looking for.  To make a long story short, in his post, he took everyone through the process in which in a matter of 2 years, he took an initial $30 deposit and had run it to over $2 million.  The thread received a ton of publicity and quickly there were several hundred posts, many of which were quite hesitant to believe his tale.
Well, it turns out that Macedo was in fact telling the truth and he was now ready to take on the world.  Last night marked a major development in this story as Macedo officially became a member of Lock Poker’s LockPRO ELITE team.  In a press release from Lock Poker, Macedo announced, “I am determined to be the best player in the world, so I wanted to make sure I partnered with the best poker brand. Lock’s focus on the player experience is unique and inspiring and something I truly wanted to associate myself with. I encourage anyone to come and challenge me on Lock, and look forward to the exciting times ahead.”
Macedo has gone on record saying that he drew his inspiration from Tom “durrrr” Dwan whom also burst onto the high stakes poker scene before turning 21.  As a result of Dwan’s story, Macedo diligently used hard work, studying, practice and sheer will to get to where he is today, signing a professional sponsorship deal, an accomplishment that eludes scores of highly accomplished and established players.
Macedo has already expressed his hope to take on his idol, Dwan, in a future installment of the Durrrr Challenge, though he does not have the bankroll currently to do so on his own.  In this endeavor, Macedo should proceed cautiously, as just as he quickly made his bankroll, it could just as quickly dry up.  Whatever happens from here though, one thing is certain.  This is definitely the beginning of a new era at Lock Poker, a site that has enjoyed 333% growth in the past 12 months, making them the fastest growing online poker site in the world.  Perhaps the two will take each other to great, new heights. Whatever happens, this is the beginning.

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