Gabi Campos out as PokerStars CEO

by Jeremy Olson on January 16, 2012

Gabi Campos, who served as the CEO of PokerStars from 2010 to the present, is apparently out of a job. Now keep in mind that PokerStars hasn’t officially came out and made a statement on this matter, but several poker sites have reported on Campos no longer being with Stars.

PokerPlayerNewspaper was the first site to report on this matter as they wrote, “the buzz emanating from the Isle of Man offices of Poker Stars is loud and clear; Gabi Campos, as he is better known within Poker Stars, has left the building - after a reign of less than two years.”

Campos used to serve as the boss of 888′s Dragonfish division where he handled business-to-business matters for the site. Then he rose to prominence after taking over CEO duties from Isai Scheinberg and his son Mark Scheinberg; these two still own the company, they just took a backseat on the management side. A big part of Campos’ original hiring was his success with Dragonfish, where he guided the 888 wing to a 16% increase in profits over 2011. But for undisclosed reasons, it appears as if Campos wasn’t able to recreate the same magic at PokerStars.

Interestingly enough, Gabi Campos isn’t the only big-time figure to leave the company recently since ex-PokerStars partner and former European Poker Tour CEO John Duthie also chose to distance himself from the site. As for Duthie’s reasoning, it’s believed that he wants to pursue other opportunities, and didn’t want to be tied to Stars or the EPT anymore.

Additionally, EPT Tournament Director Thomas Kremser also decided not to come back for an eight season with the EPT/PokerStars. In a statement issued by the former tourney director, Kremser merely offfered that “the time is right to explore new adventures.”