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Full Tilt Poker to Modify Cash Game Structure

by Poker Team

As 2009 winds down to its final few days, rumors about a revamping of some aspects of Full Tilt Poker are seemingly coming to fruition. For a couple of months now, there have been rumblings about possible changes to take effect and now that the year is ending, it seems like the perfect time.

It is common knowledge that 2009 saw a shift from short-stacking tables to new table where there is a 50 big blind minimum. This has been done so that players are not merely shipping all in preflop with any two cards. Often times, less skilled players employ the short stacking tactic in order to even out the playing field against higher skilled competition. In fact, as the larder minimum buy in tables grew in popularity on PokerStars, many of the short stackers took their action to Full Tilt.

Part of the larger problem with the short stacking is that players would double up quickly and would immediately leave the table making it difficult for good games to be sustained. The changes planned by Full Tilt to combat this is music to the ears of poker purists. The changes are scheduled to take effect in the 2nd half of January. As expected, Full Tilt is raising the minimum buy-in on standard cash game tables though they are not divulging how much. Some are speculating that the minimum buy in will be 40 big blinds while the “cap” tables will be 20 big blinds. These changes alone would go a long way towards restoring some of the lost nuances of the short stacking games.

In addition to the cash game restructuring, Full Tilt is also planning to revamp some aspects of its rewards program. However, at present time, Full Tilt is being rather tight lipped regarding those changes. As such, it is being speculated that Full Tilt is going to wait and see what changes PokerStars does first, and then they will announced a plethora of exciting changes.

It seems the best is just getting better. With their commitment to enhancing the user experience, it seems that the big winners will be the customer base.

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