Full Tilt Poker Sit n Go Madness

by AintLuck.com Poker Team

Not content to just offer the Holiday Hundred Promotion and the upcoming MiniFTOPS series, Full Tilt Poker is at it again, with yet another unique promotion. Sit and Go fans of all bankrolls are excited at the announcement that Full Tilt Poker Sit and Go Madness is back for a return engagement, getting set to kick off on December 4th.

When is the Full Tilt Sit and Go Madness?

The festivities are set to kick off this Saturday and will run for 48 hours from 4PM ET Saturday through Sunday. Players who are viewing the Full Tilt lobby can easily spot the participating Sit and Go tournaments as they are highlighted in a bright green hue and only single table tournaments are part of it.

Sit n Go Groupings

Sit and Go Tournaments are broken out into 4 separate groupings:

Group A = $1 to $2 buy-ins
Group B = $5 to $11 buy-ins
Group C = $20 to $33 buy-ins
Group D = $50 to $110 buy-ins

As part of the structure, the 48-hour period is broken out into two 24-hour blocks, each using its own Sit and Go Madness Leaderboard. At the end of each 2-hour period of each block, the top 7 players in each leaderboard will earn a cash prize, which increases in value the later on in the 24-hour block it occurs. If that’s not enough, there will also be an overall leaderboard throughout for all participants in the promotion. The top players in these leaderboards at the end of each 2 hour block will be automatically entered into a $5,000 Sit and Go Freeroll.

There are just so many good reasons to get in on the action on Full Tilt. Who knows what they will have lined up for next week.

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