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Full Tilt Poker Signs Hal Lubarsky

by Poker Team

Hal Lubarsky isn’t a household name in the poker world. If you blinked you may have missed his 15 minutes of fame on the ESPN WSOP broadcast. So here’s the short version – He’s blind. He plays poker. With the help of an aide telling him his hole cards and the flop, bets, etc.

Apparently Full Tilt Poker signed him as Red Pro according to a thread at popular forum 2P2 - IF this is true and it appears to be just that, despite the lack of any press release by Full Tilt, this is quite inspiring.

For starters it’s crass to criticize the move by Full Tilt because he’s handicapped. However, according to a few folks he’s been playing 6 Pot Limit Omaha tables at the same time since joining the site. Anyone care to explain how a 100% blind poker player pulls this off? And just how impartial is this “aide” if he’s indeed using one?

Update (October 1st, 2008): After reading, Hal Lubarsky himself wanted to set the record straight on how he accomplishes his poker play. Hal has just posted a comment below about how he is able to play poker with the help of his aide.

With the news of multi accounting and collusion jamming the forums nowadays, this may just wind up being a bad PR move for Full Tilt. Time will tell but for now, I really want someone to explain how a blind poker player is able to play 6 tables simultaneously on an online poker site? Please discuss..

Here’s Hal Lubarsky at the 2007 WSOP:

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