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Full Tilt Poker Rolls Out “On Demand” Poker Tournaments

by Poker Team

If you’re tired of having to work around the schedule of online poker rooms in regards to multi-table tournaments, you’ll love the “On Demand” poker tournaments at Full Tilt Poker.

What are “On Demand” Poker Tournaments

Much like a sit and go tournament, “On Demand poker tourneys” only begin when a certain amount of players have signed up. Once the predetermined number of players have registered, On Demand tournaments also offer an added bonus of late registration. What’s great about this is that those who are ready to play an MTT right away can register and start playing; those who like the tournament, but are a little late to the action, can also play and increase the prize pool.

Downside to On Demand Poker Tournaments

The only downside to On Demand tournaments is that they’re a new addition to Full Tilt Poker, which means there aren’t many running right now. In fact, the only On Demand tourneys that are offered include some $2 buy-in events. However, as the On Demand tournaments grow in popularity, you can bet that Full Tilt will be offering a larger variety of these tourneys.

In addition to the On Demand tournaments, Full Tilt has also made some other improvements to their software. More empty sit and go tables will be offered, so multi-tablers can open as many tables as they need right away. Also, those who get disconnected from tournaments will be put back in their seats as soon as the internet connection is working again.

New Cash Game Variations at Full Tilt Poker

One more feature that players will love are the new cash game variations that have been added; Triple Draw, Nine Game and Eight Game have been added to the software. In addition to this, players can also turn off tournament announcement so they don’t have to deal with this annoyance in the middle of a game. You can guarantee that Full Tilt will be adding more improvements to their software in the future, which makes this a great room to play at in terms of software options.

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