Full Tilt Poker Payout Made?

by Jeremy Olson on July 27, 2011

Payouts from Full Tilt Poker were few and far between since the site was temporarily shut down on Black Friday (April 15th, 2011). And things have only gotten worse since the Alderney Gambling Control Commission yanked Full Tilt’s gambling license, which left them unable to provide real money poker games. However, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel because it’s being reported that a Canadian player received the first Full Tilt Poker payout since their license was revoked on June 29th.

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This news comes via Gambling911 as they wrote the following regarding this matter:

An individual with close to 100 posts on the Two Plus Two forum disclosed that he received a check postmarked 21 July (the check was dated May 23).  He is a Canadian player.

If true, this person appears to be the first to have received a check from FTP this month after the company was essentially shut down.

A hearing was held in London yesterday by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission to determine the fate of Full Tilt Poker.  A second hearing will take place no later than September 15.

(Post) Definitely from FTP. Came from TD Bank in Toronto, like usual, with all the weird little markings that make bank tellers initially think they look fake. The cheque itself was (I deposited it this afternoon) dated May 23, which is kind of odd, because I believe that’s the date I requested it, but it wasn’t approved until sometime in mid-June.

What was strange wasn’t the cheque, but the envelope it came in. Up until BF I was getting weekly cheques from FTP, so I’m very used to getting cheques in a non-descript kind of envelope. This one, however, was sent IBMS Priority. The return address is (I kept the envelope because I found it odd): C.H.E. Airport House, SFZ, Co. Clare.

The really interesting thing is it was postmarked July 21, which tells me FTP is at least interested in keeping its cheapest playerbase somewhat happy.

Edit: I should probably add I’m not American. Canadian.

Assuming the poster is telling the truth, this would be huge news for people who’ve been patiently waiting for their payouts from Full Tilt Poker. At this point, no formal announcement has been made by Full Tilt in regards to the payouts, but hopefully this reported check is a sign of good things to come.