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Full Tilt Poker opens Play Money Tables

by Jeremy

Just last week we discussed how Full Tilt Poker was running commercials in Canada. The jest of the ads was to inform players that FTP will be up and running on November 6th, 2012.

In regard to play money tables, it appears as if they’re somewhat ahead of schedule. As of yesterday, players are able to access their account at Full Tilt - or sign up - and enjoy some play money games. Obviously this won’t excite the average grinder, but it’s an encouraging sign that the once-disgraced poker room is nearing its real money relaunch.

Another important matter worth covering here is that non-US Full Tilt players can access their accounts again. This is particularly comforting to those who need money because they can now withdraw from the site. Unfortunately, Americans must still play the waiting game and deal with the US Department of Justice in order to receive funds.

It’s nice to at least hear that those outside of America can access their Full Tilt money once again. Just a few months ago, this seemed like a pipe dream - especially following the failed FTP acquisition by Groupe Bernard Tapie.

Fortunately, the Rational Group, which owns PokerStars, stepped in and worked out a deal with the US DOJ to buy Full Tilt. This was certainly an expensive purchase since it cost the Rational Group $731 million. However, an added perk to the deal was that the owners of Stars avoided prosecution, and it opened up the possibility of a legal return to the US market. We’re still waiting on the latter part to come to fruition, but there is a distinct possiblity that it could happen.

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