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Full Tilt Poker Offering Pieces of Phil Ivey

by Poker Team

Regular folks don’t need to be official members of the November Nine to walk away with a piece of the prize pool of the World Series of Poker Main Event. With the main event set to resume in about a month’s time, Full Tilt poker is offering a unique opportunity for some lucky players to stake a claim the prize money Phil Ivey will walk away with.

This new promotion is accessible to players by simply clicking on “My Promotions” in their cashier view when logged into the site. From there, they are directed to a link which takes them to a registration page where they can officially sign up.

From there, once registered, players earn chances to participate in random drawings based on how much they play and their results. When participating in a cash game, if a players earns a Full Tilt Point while winning a hand, they earn 5 tickets. In a tournament setting, with less than 30 players, making the money earns 5 tickets and for large tournaments, making the money nets 20 tickets and a final appearance earns an additional 50 tickets.

Piece of Ivey

As expected, the accrued tickets are used to be entered raffles. The most sought after raffle is the one that wins a person a seat into a sit and go tournament called 5% Piece of Ivey. The prize pool for this sit and go is currently unknown and will be based on how Ivey does at the final table. If Ivey is the first one out, the prize pool is $63,180.10, but if he wins it all, the prize pool is $427,321.75.

There are other raffles however. Another awards entry into a sit and go that will offer up a prize pool of 1% of Ivey’s winnings, which would be anywhere from$12,636.02 to $85,464.35. The drawings for the Pieces of Ivey tournaments will happen at 10:00am ET on Friday, November 6th with the tournaments taking place on Saturday, November 7th at 2PM. If that’s not enough incentive, each day from October 8th to November 5th, Full Tilt will be awarding 600 cash prizes per day in another series of raffles.

So you never know how much will be in your Full Tilt account when you next log in.

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