Full Tilt Poker unveils ‘New to the Game’ Tables

by Jeremy Olson on April 18, 2013

fulltiltThere’s a lot of controversy going on in the poker world right now over player segregation. This practice, which involves separating winning and losing grinders to create a more recreational player-friendly environment, hurts successful pros since they only have each other to compete against.

In order to strike a happy medium between being recreational-friendly and not punishing good players, Full Tilt Poker has recently unveiled “New to the Game” tables. This model offers the following features:

- Regardless of skill level, all players can try the New to the Game tables.

- These tables are only featured in low stakes NL Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha cash games and tournaments.

- Players can only enjoy these tables for 2,000 cash game hands or 75 tournaments, at which point they must “graduate” to the regular tables.

- Only two New to the Game tables can be played at once.

It’s also worth mentioning that these games operate at a slower pace, give tips to new players, highlight winning hands, and show players their hand strength.

Full Tilt Poker seems as if they’re attempting to improve the current segregation model set forth by other sites. Party Poker drew the ire of the poker world after secretly “hiding” losing players from winning grinders. Lock Poker also unveiled a similar segregation model as Party - although they informed customers of the move beforehand.

The logic behind dividing grinders up based on win rate is that this helps keep new players in the game. Most poker rooms are seeing slowed profits in recent years and looking for a way to cut down on bumhunting. So several sites are now experimenting with recreational models in hopes of keeping new players and generating more deposit money.