Full Tilt Poker Movie being discussed

by Jeremy Olson on September 24, 2011

When Black Friday (April 15th) struck the online poker community, few people could have envisioned just how far the Full Tilt Poker aspect of the story would go. But here we are in September, and lots of mainstream news outlets are starting to pick up on the FTP mess ever since the company was labeled a Ponzi scheme by the New York US Attorney’s Office.

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With this being said, someone on the TwoPlusTwo forum brought up an interesting point about how the story has excellent movie potential. “ShizzMoney” led off the discussion by writing:

Considering the poker aspect, the boom of online gaming and its affect opn our culture, the colorful characters and celebrities involved, and of course, the fact that the FTP situation will end up being one of the greatest crimes of our generation (along with Madoff….and I think a movie is already in the works about him)…….. I think movie execs after readin the news in the mainstream media are going to JUMP at the chance to make this into a film, especially considering the lack of original stuff Hollywood has failed to come up with him the last 3 years.

It’s difficult to say whether Hollywood would pick up on something like this, but the scandal that has erupted certainly does make for interesting movie material. And it looks as if the story will only continue growing with the latest developments in the civil suit against Full Tilt Poker.

Right now, Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson and Ray Bitar are all at the center of the civil suit. The US Attorney’s Office is seeking $42 million from Lederer, $41 million from Bitar and $25 million from Ferguson.