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Full Tilt Poker $900m Lawsuit involves Poker Bots

by Jeremy

A new civil suit was leveled at Full Tilt Poker today by two players from Los Angeles. The players, Lary Kennedy and Greg Omotov, say that the once second largest poker site took money from player deposits, which is certainly nothing new. However, the suit also claims that Full Tilt Poker used poker bots to cheat players on the tables.

The second part of this lawsuit is very interesting because Kennedy and Omotov brought up the poker bots issue with FTP a couple of years ago, only to have Full Tilt laugh off the allegations. Furthermore, Full Tilt said that both players were terminated for multi-accounting - a fact which Kennedy didn’t deny, but said that she used Omotov’s account to get action since nobody wanted to face her.

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It seems like Kennedy and Omotov’s accusations about the poker bots might be taken more seriously since they’ve attached it to a $900 million civil suit that seeks money for 200,000 players. More specifically, the Californians lawsuit says that the owners left player deposits grossly depleted after taking money for themselves, and day-to-day operations.

In regards to the poker bot accusation, the lawsuit claims that Howard Lederer and Craig Ferguson created the bots to earn extra money at the tables. This would be in total contradiction of what Full Tilt Poker claimed to stand for since they often shut down accounts of players who were supposed poker bots.

And this brings us to another point in the $900 million lawsuit, which says that FTP would shut down accounts of accused bot users, then take their money with no third party present to decide if this was fair. These allegations are pretty serious, but they shouldn’t be taken lightly considering everything else that FTP owners have allegedly done.

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