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Full Tilt Poker Matrix Tournaments

by Poker Team

Full Tilt Matrix TournamentsIf you are fed up and annoyed with being outdrawn or if your luck run out in every Sit ‘n Go, the Full Tilt Poker Matrix Tournaments are the answer to every unlucky players dreams. No more chances of complaining about being outdrawn or about being unable to win 50-50 races as now you will have a chance to get back at the same person. Not only can you get him back once, but you will have the chance to get back at him three more times. This is all due thanks to Full Tilt and its new Matrix tournaments.

How the Matrix Tournaments Work

In this new Matrix format you will play your poker game against the same opponents at 4 tables at the same time. You will simultaneously take on your opponents in 4 Sit n Go tables at the same time. This is the ultimate in multi-tabling. There will be an equal amount of prize money for all 4 tournaments and there will also be a Matrix prize pool. The winner of the pool is the player accumulating the most points in all 4 tournaments.

Matrix Scoring (Points)

If a player outlasts a player in the FullTilt Matrix tournaments then he will earn “Survivor Points“. For every player you outlast you will gain one point. It gets better if you manage to take down players in the Matrix tournaments, as you will get two points for every elimination. These points are aptly named “Knockout points“.

Matrix Tournament Features

In the lobby you will be able to view the progress of every single one of the four tournaments and there will be a plethora of information available there to give you the feeling you are in control of the complete poker universe.

  • You will be able to find player’s chipstacks per tournament so you can instantly see positions per table.
  • You will also be able to find players score per tournament (survivor and knockout points) under Match Score.
  • One of the best features of the FullTilt Matrix is that you will be able to see the maximum points still on offer for the entire tournament. This gives you a chance to play strategic poker at an earlier stage then you might be used too. You will find this under the Max tab.
  • The Projected info is the last unique feature about the Full Tilt Matrix lobby as it will give you a prediction of the players finishing positions based on play so far. This is a great tool to check out who might be a threat to your domination.

The Dominatrix

Talking about domination. If you manage to win all 4 tournaments in your Matrix challenge then you will not only win top prize in every single Sit n Go table, but, as Dominatrix you will also win the complete Matrix prize pool.

How to Register for the Full Tilt Matrix Tournament

  1. Download Full Tilt
  2. Click “Sit & Go Tab”
  3. Click the “All” or “Matrix” tabs in the Sit & Go lobby and look for tournaments with the “M” symbol next to them.
  4. Find a Matrix tournament and click the blue Register button.
Register for Matrix Tournament


Conclusion on the FTP Matrix Tournament

All in all it has to be said that the Full Tilt tournaments will probably provide a safe heaven for those players fighting against the curses of playing against the luckiest players on earth. With the chance of proving your worth in three more matches you can at least find the satisfaction if you outlast this opponent in he other three tournaments or if you outscore them in the Matrix scoreboard.

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