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Full Tilt Introduces “Run It Twice” Feature on Its Poker Software

by Poker Team

What is “Run It Twice”?

Two weeks ago, it was announced that as part of its latest software upgrade, Full Tilt Poker has enabled the ability for players to “Run It Twice”. As it’s sometimes commonly known as “doing business”, running it twice occurs when players are all in on the flop and agree to let the turn and river be run twice with half the pot being assigned to each result.

In a somewhat surprising twist, the new feature has not been utilized as much as one would have thought when it was first introduced. This is likely attributed to the fact that these are highly bankrolled professionals with a good amount of ‘gamble’ in them and they have no qualms about just using the conventional method of playing out a hand and not hedging their bets. Though it is not being utilized very often in the ultra high stakes games, smaller games have seen more usage It seems as though this may be a preferred tactic in live games and not so much in online poker games.

Poker Pros Using Run it Twice

Whatever the reason, of all high stakes pros, the only ones using “run it twice” with any regularity are players such as David Benyamine and POKERBLUFFS. To date, no pros are on record with their opinion of the new options though FullTilt Poker executives are still excited about being the first site to offer the innovative feature.

In addition, online hand reporting sites such as have experienced challenges in obtaining hand histories to display “Run it Twice” hands. Over the next several weeks, we will be monitoring the site to determine if it will catch on with any more popularity.

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Try Running It Twice Online at Full Tilt Poker

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