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Full Tilt High Stakes Winners and Losers

by Poker Team

The action has been hot and heavy on Full Tilt Poker over the past 24 hours with several notable players experiencing some significant wins and losses.

The top 3 winners over that time period are:

Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond +$663,000
Tom “Durrrr” Dwan +$385,000
tsarrat +$347,000

They must have gotten their money from somewhere.  Most likely, they got some of their winnings from the two biggest money losers on the day:
Urindanger -$587,000
Gus Hansen -$430,000

Interestingly, all of the players involved in the hand which prompted collusion accusations from Gus Hansen made these lists.

Though there were no record breaking, nor half million dollar pots on the day, Durrrr, took down the day’s biggest pot from Phil Ivey for over $300,000.  Here is a breakdown of that hand.

Seated at a 6-handed $500/$1000 Mixed HA table with Urindanger, Tsarrast, OMGClay Aiken and Gypsie Queen, and in the small blind holding As-7s, the action was folded around to the button, Tsarrast, who raised to $2,850.  Durrrr made the call, but Phil Ivey had other plans, immediately making a raise to $11,500. Tsarrast quickly folded, and Durrrr called, setting up the heads up hand.

The flop was 10c-9s-2s so Durrrr had flopped the nut flush draw, so one had to expect that as long as Ivey even grazed the flop, the action would be furious.  Durrrr led out, betting $14,000 and Ivey immediately raised to 40,000.  As expected, Durrrr moved all in and Ivey made the call.  Ivey turned over 10s-7c for top pair with really no kicker.  This man truly has guts.

Unfortunately for him, the 5 of spades on the turn sealed the win for Durrrr and he raked in the pot worth $300,383.

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