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Full Tilt Has Sunday Major Meltdown

by Poker Team

All over the world, online poker players anxiously await Sunday afternoons. More so than any other time during a given week, Sundays are the days in which all of the major poker sites experience their highest player traffic volumes. These are the days that the Sunday Majors take place, as PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and others offer millions of dollars in guaranteed prize money.

Over on Full Tilt, the virtual cards and chips were flying when all of a sudden, it all just stopped. At 7:45PM, Full Tilt’s main server just completely crashed, causing all players to be booted from the site with no ability to log back in. The virtual blackout continued for the next 3.5 hours and needless to say, the players were absolutely livid. The $750,000 guaranteed tournament had been in full swing but the long delay left Full Tilt no choice but to suspend play in this and all other tournaments as well.

In an attempt to ease some of the confusion and hysteria that ensued, Full Tilt sent an email to all players who were involved in some type of tournament at the time of the outage. The email stated:

When a tournament is cancelled before it reaches the money, according to tournament rule 31.2 (

-All players still in the tournament at the time of the cancellation will be refunded their tournament buy-in and tournament fee. Players will have their buy-ins refunded in the tournament prize pool currency.
- In addition, the remaining prize pool will be divided and distributed according to chip count - (Remaining Prize Pool)*(Your Chip Count)/(Total Chips in Play) = Your Share of Remaining Prize Pool.
- In addition, any other money in the prize and Cashout pools where applicable (excluding guarantees and money added by Full Tilt Poker), will be divided and distributed to the remaining players, based on their respective chip counts.”

For tournaments that awarded a non-monetary prize, such as a live tournament package (like a World Poker Tour event), Full Tilt Poker assigns a monetary value to the prize and distributes it in cash to the remaining players based on their chip counts. In ring games, the hand being played at the time of the stoppage was considered dead and all bets were returned at the point of the crash.

This is no doubt a major setback for the world second largest online poker site as they lost a large sum of expected revenue as a result. However, since getting back online, game-play has returned to normal with no noticeable glitches or hiccups.

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