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Full Tilt Adds Unique Enhancements with Latest Upgrade

by Poker Team

Full Tilt Poker just keeps on making enhancements that make their software even better. Mostly known as the poker site which possesses the largest online cash games anywhere in the world, the site is always looking to make improvements to set it apart from its rivals. With their latest upgrade, they seem to have outdone themselves.

In live games virtually anywhere, players have the ability to “do business” or run the remaining unseen cards multiple times if players involved in a heads up pot choose to do so. Most often, this occurs when one player has flopped a set and another player has flopped a strong made hand or a big combo draw.

For instance, if player A flops top set on a flop of 5-6-8 and player B has flopped a straight and the players get all the money is, this is a prime spot to do business. If they decide to run it twice, the pot is chopped in half and the turn and river cards are run twice with the winner of each receiving half the pot. In the above example, if the first run pairs the board and the second does nothing to improve player A’s hand, each gets half the pot. Generally, this protects whatever equity both players have in the total pot. Until now, this has never happened at an online poker site.

Cashout Tournaments at Full Tilt

While this is the most interesting new feature, this is not the only new enhancement. In addition, players can now take part in a new type of tournament called a Cashout Tournament. In this one, players the option of cashing out some or all of their chips before the tournament has ended. Basically, in addition to main prizes players have the option of cashing out some or all of their chips. Full details on this feature are still emerging.

Deal Making Enhancements at Full Tilt

The last major enhancement is that players can now make deals to themselves while sitting at the final table of multi-table tournaments. No more waiting for a Full Tilt representative is necessary. When seated at a final table, players can now choose from one of three methods to make a deal for all or part of the remaining prize pool.

Additionally, players now have 3 options in viewing the site’s lobby, but these are the real headline grabbers. Go see for yourself: Full Tilt Poker

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