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Full Tilt About to Get Super with Sit and Go’s

by Omar

The season of promotions at the major online poker sites continues as Full Tilt Poker is all set to kick off the latest in an endless stream of events geared toward exciting players from all over the globe. This time, the promotion is Super Sit and Go Madness and it promises to be an upgrade over the previous installment of Sit & Go Madness they have offered in the past. By no means should one expect that the only major change is the addition of the word “super” to the title as there is much more to get excited about.

Super Sit and Go Madness will run for 48 hours beginning at 4PM ET, tomorrow on Friday November 5th, ending at 4PM on Sunday, November 7th. Up for grabs is a piece of over $150,000 in Full Tilt guaranteed cash and prizes. In past versions of this promo, eligible sit and go tournaments will be specially marked in the Full Tilt Poker lobby by being highlighted in green and there will be four tiers of sit and go’s based on the buy-in amounts:

Group A: $1 to $2
Group B: $5 to $11
Group C: $20 to $33
Group D: $50 to $110

For each of the two, 24-hour blocks, there will be a leaderboard tracking the players posting the best results. Qualifying players will earn points based on the buy in group their events fall under. The means that if a player participates in tournaments across all four groups, they will place in each of the 4 leaderboards for the given day.

For every two-hour block, the top 7 finishers of each time period will be awarded a cash prize as follows:

Group A: $20, $12.50, $7.50, $5, $2.50, $1.50, $1
Group B: $100, $60, $40, $25, $12.50, $7.50, $5
Group C: $200, $125, $75, $50, $25, $15, $10
Group D: $500, $300, $200, $125, $60, $40, $25

If that’s not enough to convince one of the “Super” nature of this unique promotion, there will also be an overall leaderboard for the full 48 hour period. A player’s top score in a single two hour block qualifies them into the leaderboard for that buy-in group. From there, the top 2 players from each leaderboard will compete on Saturday, November 13th on a $5,000 Sit & Go Freeroll where the top three finishers making the money.

In addition to an extra $25K being added by Full Tilt Poker, players earning top scores will earn raffle tickets for drawings for the giveaway of more than 1,000 prizes which include Full Tilt Poker Deluxe Home Game Package, consisting of a deluxe poker table, 500-piece chipset, and two leather poker deck cases.

The action is less than 24 hours away. Time for the “Super” “Madness” to begin.

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