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Fox Poker Club shuts down Abruptly

by Jeremy

For the past couple of years, the Fox Poker Club has served as one of London’s bigger poker hotspots. However, the club will be shut down - at least for the foreseeable future - following an announcement on their website. The front page of reads as follows:

Fox Poker Club is now CLOSED. Thanks to all of our customers for supporting the club over the past two years.

The club may be closed but the location will be refurbished and reborn in Spring 2013 as an exciting new Genting venue

All funds such as player deposits, tournament tokens and cash chips will be redeemable at the Mint in Kensington soon

Obviously this statement doesn’t tell the entire story, but judging from the ‘Genting venue’ comment, the Fox Poker Club might be transformed into a full-service casino. A few different people on the TwoPlusTwo forum agree with this sentiment, and you can read a couple of the comments below:

- Color me not that surprised. Not only was the place horribly managed since the Genting take-over, sounds like Genting wants to take advantage of their full casino license and turn it into a casino, which I don’t get (there are already two full casinos very close by…).

- The part I don’t get is…the Fox isn’t that big; I don’t see how they could turn it into a full-fledged casino, unless they’re buying out the entire building or something. Not to mention, now there are probably 30-40+ people now out of work, including dealers, desk staff, cooks etc….

Based on these opinions and the website statement, it seems like the idea of Fox Poker Club being transformed into a full casino is pretty feasible. And if this indeed happens, it’ll be interesting to see how the poker action is affected.

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