Forrest, Matusow trade Barbs over Unpaid Prop Bet

by Jeremy Olson on September 18, 2014

It seems like Mike “The Mouth” Matusow never stays away from controversy for long. And when things are relatively quiet on the Matusow front, people can just dig into his past to cause more drama. Case in point, Ted Forrest is pissed about the fact that Matusow has yet to pay back $1.7 million from a lost prop bet.

Four years ago, The Mouth got drunk and took 90% of the $2 million action against Forrest’s ability to lose 50 pounds in roughly two months. With a vast fortune dangling in front of him, Forrest was able to shed the weight - although it put him down to a sickly looking 138 pounds.

Forrest has since been rewarded with $200k from Justin “BoostedJ” Smith, who had 10% of the action, and about $70k from Matusow. This is over $1.7 million less than what The Mouth owes, which led Forrest to tweet this:

@CardPlayerMedia Correcting the numbers: @themouthmatusow has payed me $70.500 of the 1.8million he owes me for the weight loss bet #4years

Forrest went on to explain that he’d paid Matusow $100k over a weight loss bet that they made in 2007. However, he hasn’t even received the same amount from Matusow in regard to the original $1.8 million debt.

Nevertheless, The Mouth doesn’t seem to think that he needs to keep paying Forrest. The 4-time WSOP champion tweeted as much with the following rant:

- 4 yrs ago me and Ted made a bet and were very drunk when we made it I then told him I don’t want the bet cause I can’t afford to lose

- He then said sorry you owe me 500k to cancel bet ,I laughed at him and said fine don’t cancel the bet but I’m not changing my life style

- For anyone and that if you win you will get 5k a month out of my full tilt pay check till it is paid period plus if I made any scores extra

- Now he was paid 200k by justin smith who had 10percent of bet and 93500 by me in which I told him I would pay him 106500 which is 10%

- P.s ted if you want your 5k a month cll Howard lederer I’m sure he will give it to you

Forrest of course offered the rebuttal that Full Tilt’s demise has nothing to do with this. And I personally have to wonder where Howard Lederer comes into the equation - even if he did help run Full Tilt into the ground.